The 2009 Orange County Fair – A 5 Year Old’s Pictorial Retrospective

The 2009 Orange County Fair – A 5 Year Old’s Pictorial Retrospective


This year Mom discovered a cool new thing, the Orange County Fair’s Super Pass.  What is it?  It’s a ticket, like annual Disneyland Passes, that allowed us to go the Orange County Fair lots of times this year.

Mom says when she and Dad used to live near the Orange County Fair, they got free tickets, but we don’t live that close any more so the Super Pass was great.

Orange County Fair


Mom told Grandma and Grandpa about it, so they got them too, and I got to go with them and Mom and Dad.  I think I went 10 or 11 times!


Orange County Fair Llama


What was my favorite thing about the Orange County Fair


Orange County Fair Llama


It wasn’t the animals though they were pretty cool.  It wasn’t the food, though I really like funnel cakes and corndogs and lemonade slushies. It wasn’t face painting, though it was fun to get painted with a skull.  It definitely wasn’t all those exhibit things that all the adults seem to like.


 Orange County Fair Face Painting

Nope! My favorite part of the Orange County Fair was Thursday.  Why Thursday? Because it was $1 ride and game day, and Mom brought me every Thursday so that I could ride lots of rides and play lots of games.  The first Thursday, we even rode the water ride, like Splash Mountain.  Mom didn’t think we would get that wet based on the other people she saw coming off the ride.  Boy was she wrong.  I got wet, but she got completely soaked.  She was carrying two of her cameras, and boy was she not happy!  For some reason, she wouldn’t take me on that one again.

Orange County Fair Pony Rides

One day I even got to go with two of my cousins, Ellie and Melanie.  That was a lot of fun.  They took me on rides and gave me game tickets and slushy lemonades.  Did I mention I really like my cousins?



Orange County Fair Mischief

What did my brother think about the Orange County Fair?  He was a little scared of the animals, though he thought they were kind of cool for a while.  He didn’t get to go on any rides because he’s not old enough; I think he can go on them next year.  I think what he liked best was just getting to see so many different, new things.

Orange County Fair

Oh, I forgot!  My absolute best thing about the Orange County Fair this year was that the last Thursday I saw my friend Joel there, and we got to ride in the really fast ride that goes around in circles and the bumper cars, and we got to have lunch.  I think that was my favorite.

So, if you didn’t get to go to the Orange County Fair this year, see if your mom can get the Super Pass for next year and make sure she takes you on Thursday so you can ride lots of rides and play lots of games.  Hope I see you next year at the Orange County Fair.


P.P.S.  Mom, what’s a retrospective?



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