The Best Part of Rain Camp – Meeting Old Friends

The Best Part of Rain Camp – Meeting Old Friends



I’m back at my fourth Rain Camp at a beautiful venue in San Diego,


 Raincamp USD



and as much as I enjoy the new ideas I pick up from Ben Kinney and the AR staff and the reminders of the things I have yet to do that I know I should, I think the best part is “meeting” friends.





 Today, I had lunch with Russel Ray and Jim Frimmer.  I hadn’t met either of them IRL before though I’ve talked with both of them several times.  I also was happily surprised to see Renee Burrows at lunch. There are were other friends I ran into as well. I was fortunate to be on a panel with Jeff Dowler and Russel.  It’s just a great time.


 Jim Frimmer Russel Ray


This to me, is one of the best things about Rain Camp, the opportunity to solidify friendships made online.

 RainCamp Panel

Of course, there is a ton of value and knowledge of blogging and social networking to be gained from Rain Camp, and I’ll post some tips later.

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