The Buyer Thanked Me Effusively Today – And He’s Not Even My Client!

The Buyer Thanked Me Effusively Today – And He’s Not Even My Client!


I am fortunate enough to often receive appreciation from my sellers and buyers.  This week, for the first time, I received a big thank you from a buyer who was not my client. He had his own agent, and his agent said it was okay for us to speak recently after the sale closed. 


This was a short sale with the typical short sale problems and issues just before close, and this was a home that the buyer really wanted.


He wanted to tell me how much he appreciated the work that I had done.  He said he knew that a lot of times all the work we do as real estate agents is under appreciated, and he wanted to know that he didn’t feel that way.

This was a home that he never expected to be able to afford.  When he told me I had “made his life,”  I was stunned and realized again how important the career I have chosen is to the people with whom I work.


I like to believe that, especially in short sales, all parties need to work together and not be adversarial.


As you’ll see below, my clients were very pleased with the results of the sale, and to have the seller express his appreciation just made my day.


Remember as you go forward to your next negotiation that it doesn’t have to be win lose in order for you to do your best for your clients.

I believe in fighting for my clients and getting them the best deal possible.  However, that does not have to be a win-lose proposition.


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