The Power of Active Rain – Brings Business, Business and More Business

The Power of Active Rain – Brings Business, Business and More Business


When I first joined Active Rain, I wasn’t sure of the meaning of the terms SEO, Google Juice, or numerous others that I now consider commonplace.

In the two and a half years I have been part of the Active Rain community, I have learned much about The Power of Active Rain and what it is capable of producing.

I have seen my website crawl from some unknown location on Google to page one for numerous keywords for my local area.  Better yet, for some keywords, I have had as many as 4 or 5 entries on page one of Google.  This is good for my sellers, and it has been good for business.

The result of the knowledge that I have gained and the Power of Active Rain to provide both information and Google Juice has brought me a great deal of new business. I am no longer surprised when I receive a phone call about a blog post or a lead from my website.  It is now common place.

To prove the Power of Active Rain, Lisa Udy, another ambassador on Active Rain, requested that we use our blogs and the Power of Active Rain to show this Grace Idaho Real Estate Agent just what can be accomplished by harnessing the knowledge and expertise of those in the Rain.

The Power of Active Rain even led me to expand a whole niche in my business as a result of numerous phone calls from consumers about a blog post that I wrote.  I was receiving an average of one call per week on a single post.  Since that time, I have expanded on it, and have an entire website devoted to it. 

I have received a great deal of knowledge from the Rain, and I am happy to use this knowledge to help other real estate professionals learn the great things that can be accomplished by investing time here.

Do I believe in the Power of Active Rain? You bet I do, and I would also bet that the lucky Grace Idaho Real Estate Agent that Lisa chose to prove her point will be a strong believer in Active Rain too by the end of the week.

Still not convinced, take a look at the screen shot below to see what the Rain can do for you.

Google Juice and the Power of Active Rain

You will see above that the Power of Active Rain has placed my Active Rain blog in first position and my outside blog in second position for this keyword search.

Try, it.  You may find it is one of the best things you have ever done for your business.


FTC Disclosure – I am an ambassador with Active Rain.  This post may result in new members to Active Rain which could result in remuneration of some sort to me, however small.

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