This Might Sound Like a Strange Call, But . . .

This Might Sound Like a Strange Call, But . . .



I received a phone call the other day, he started out with, “This might sound like a strange call, but . . .”


Oh boy, I was thinking, I can’t wait to hear this sales pitch.


“We can get you to the front page of Google for only $400 per month.”


So, I’ll play along.  “Is it organic or ppc?” 


“Ummm?!”  I thought that was a pretty simple question. 


And all I’m thinking is, “Really, and I should pay for that?  I wonder how they found me?  Was it because I am already on the first page of Google for many keywords?”


Westside Costa Mesa Google Results


Why would I pay for their services when I can get their myself and choose my keywords for myself?


If you are interested in getting your home on the front page of Google, please give me a call at 714-319-9751.    


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