Tips for Selling your Costa Mesa Home – Depersonalize

Tips for Selling your Costa Mesa Home – Depersonalize


Not a depersonalized Costa Mesa home

When someone has lived in a home, particularly for several years, the home tends to become personalized.  While it may be great to live in a home that is stamped with your personal character, with memories and mementoes, this is not true when you are trying to sell your Costa Mesa home.

Consider the last model home that you were in.  Did it look personalized?  Probably not.  Most likely it was decorated to appeal to the most number of people, and this is what you should do when selling your Costa Mesa home.

Personal statements in your home that should be removed prior to selling your Costa Mesa home include the following:

  • Dark, bright or unusual paint colors or patterned wall paper.
  • Smells from pets, smoking or cooking.
  • Political or religious statements.
  • Lots of pictures.

The more you are able to depersonalize your Costa Mesa home, the more potential buyers may be attracted to your house, and this is exactly what you want.

Bright Walls

Limiting your potential buyer pool by neglecting to depersonalize your home may prevent you from selling your Costa Mesa home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

The easiest way to begin to depersonalize your home is to start packing away the things you will not need prior to your move.  You’re moving any way, so get ahead of the game both in packing and in selling your Costa Mesa home, by packing away all of those items that may distract the buyer from seeing the home as their own.

A little bit of work done up front may pay large dividends on the back end.  So take the time, to make your home look as much like a model home as possible.  If you have questions about doing this or have any questions about selling your Costa Mesa home, please contact me at 714-319-9751.

Other Costa Mesa home selling tips:

Let the light shine through.

Fix the small things.

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