Top 8 Things a Realtor Does for a First Time Buyer in Costa Mesa?

Top 8 Things a Realtor Does for a First Time Buyer in Costa Mesa?


I spoke with a first time buyer the other day who asked me what I do to help first time buyers. After discussing the fact that during an initial consultation, we’ll discuss their needs and wants to decide what makes sense, and discussed many of the other things that I do to help my clients, she asked, do we need to find a real estate agent to help us look at the houses?

I realized that I had missed a few of the very basics that real estate professionals may take as a given.  So I thought it would be important to clarify this.



1.       Consult with a buyer to find out what they want/need in a new home.

          A buyer should be clear on what they want and/or don’t want in their new home.  This will make it

          easier to view each home somewhat objectively when the time comes.


2.       Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing a new home.

          First time buyers need to realize that they will be responsible for repairs, insurance, taxes and other

          items that they were not as a renter.

          Many don’t realize that they may have tax benefits and should be referred to their accountant to 

         discuss this.


3.       Make sure that a buyer has been pre-approved before the home search begins.

          It is frustruating for a buyer to find the perfect home only to discuss they don’t qualify for it.  Even

          more, it’s a waste of time and energy for all involved.


4.       Help first time buyers to find the right home.

         This may include providing a list of homes by email or other methods and helping the first time

         buyers to narrow the list to homes that they would like to actually see. 

         Once the buyers have a list of homes, the Realtor will arrange for the buyers to see the homes so

         that they can decide which one best fits their needs and wants.


 5.       Negotiate the best possible deal for the home.

           The first time buyer should be able to rely on his Realtor to get the home on the best terms

           possible including possibly price, closing date, closing costs, repairs and various other terms.


6.        Arrange inspections during escrow period.

          A buyer is entitled to inspections such as third party inspection, termite, appraisal and others, and

          the Realtor should help the first time buyer to make sure that all of these are done in a timely

          fashion and then review the results and help answer questions or get experts to help answer any

         questions that arise.


7.        Oversee any other details through close of escrow.

          There are a myriad of other details that arise during the purchase of a home and a buyer,

          especially a first time buyer should be able to rely on his Realtor to help navigate through these

          details such as making sure the buyer purchase hazard and/or condo insurance, gets a home

           warranty, etc..


8.          Help the first time buyer celebrate the purchase of his first home.

            One of my favorite things is to hand a first time buyer the keys to his first home and then watch

            the joy as the realization hits that he now owns his home.


If you’re considering buying a home in Costa Mesa or Orange County and have any questions, please give me a call at 714.319.9751.

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