Trying to Figure Out How to Increase Your Business in this New Market? Check this Out!

I’m very excited about a conference that I am attending in the Bay Area next week.  I’m excited because every time I come away from one of these conferences, I leave with at least one new idea that brings me bankable results.

The first time attended the conference 5 years ago, I implemented an idea that cost me about $800 and garnered me $40,000 in just a few months.

Why am I willing to take 4 days away from my business when I’m busier than I’ve been in months?

I’m doing it because I believe it will help create the blueprint to make my business even better and allow me to help more people.

The program is different from before from the ones I’ve attended before as they’ve revamped their whole format, and I just can’t wait.

The first day:

  1. Learn best language to motivate fence sitters.
  2. Create a 90 day plan to make me more effective.
  3. Uncover my untapped opportunities in this market.

The second day:

  1. Learn my 12 biggest opportunities in today’s market
  2. Listen to a panel of experts who are currently implementing the programs they will teach me for using bank owned properties to bring me new business.

What do I like best about this conference?  It gives me a turnkey system to implement and allows me access to people who are already successfully performing in this new market to tell me how to install their programs into my business.

If you’re interested in taking two days to help recreate your business, you can contact Teresa McGee at 760.707.1375 to discuss attending.

She was going to work on providing special pricing for this conference to people who referenced hearing about this conference from me.  I’m not sure how many seats are left, so if you’re interested, contact her immediately.

By the way, I don’t receive referrals, royalties, etc. from By Referral Only.  I strongly believe in their systems and wanted to share this information with the other members of Active Rain who might benefit from this conference.


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