Unforeseen Problems with Orange County Condo Ownership – Unpaid HOA Dues

In the “good old days,” when home prices seemed like they would continue increasing forever, many people bought condos in Orange County as that was all they could afford.

Fast forward a few years, and in today’s world of foreclosures and short sales, many of those same buyers are now losing their homes.  And, worse yet for those who are in homeowner’s associations with them, they are not paying their homeowners’ dues.  When facing foreclosure, many owners quit paying their homeowners’ dues, and whether the ultimate result is foreclosure, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure, the full dues are unlikely to be paid.  Often, with a short sale, there is a settlement on the outstanding balance, with the association absorbing the loss.

How is this loss made up?   Frequently, it must be made up by the other homeowners in the association whether by special assessment or by an increase in monthly fees.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t consider buying an Orange County condo?   I don’t believe so.  However, I do think it’s more important than ever that when buying an Orange County condo, you carefully review the budget and financials of the association.  Further, if you’re obtaining a loan, your lender will likely get a condo cert to discover the number of delinquencies, if any, and other potential pitfalls of the association.

So, remember when buying an Orange County condo or a home in an association, that if your neighbors don’t pay their dues, you are likely to have to pay them, and it’s important to look at the financial security of the association.

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2 thoughts on “Unforeseen Problems with Orange County Condo Ownership – Unpaid HOA Dues

  1. Christine….this is a problem anywhere there are condo communities! It can really be a tough situation for current owners, as well as anyone who wants to buy in the community. We have one condo building in my city that the HOA is in so much trouble, you can only buy with cash…no lender will loan on the building. UGH!

    It’s something buyers have to be aware of when buying!

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