Using Blog Posts to Increase Visibility and Prove Credibility

Using Blog Posts to Increase Visibility and Prove Credibility


Creating an Informational “Library” for Clients

Blogging on Active Rain has been an incredible boost to my marketing and has also allowed me to develop a “library” of information that is ready to be handed out quickly, at any time.

Like a library, a blog has many different books/posts on many different topics.

I frequently get questions on topics such as first time buyers’ credit or the effects of short sales, and I am able to send links to several blog posts such as Short Sales and Foreclosures in Orange County and Huntington Beach First Time Buyer Program to answer these questions.  Not only does it answer the question, but it shows me as an expert who is quickly able to answer the questions buyers and sellers have in today’s changing market.

I have found this an effective way to provide information to both new and past clients who call asking for information.  I have been sending links and believe that creating ebooks on different topics from my posts will be the next step.

Every time a question is answered that I have been asked more than once, I think it is worthwhile to add it to this “library.”

Creating and Deepening Relationships with Local Businesses

Posts that have been written about local businesses such as Melia’s which does a few great things at once.  It gives exposure to the local businesses, helps locals learn about great, new places they might not have found otherwise, and helps to strengthen my relationships with local business owners by showcasing their businesses.  Additionally, I provide the link to them via email and have discovered that most of them will email that link directly to their friends and clients, allowing my posts to go viral.

Building Credibility in the Local Media 

My posts have helped me to increase my visibility in the community.  I have a local reporter who reposts my weekly market report for her area in her blog, exposing my knowledge to her readers each week.

Using Blog Posts to Spark New Business Ideas

One post was receiving so many requests and so many responses, that it resulted in a spin off on my business.  I was even able to use that post to build some of the content for my new website about that new aspect to my business.

This was just a post I put out one day without thinking to much about the possibilities.  As more and more calls and emails came in, I realized that I had really tapped into something unique and decided to add it to my menu of services that I provide to clients.

Exposing and Obtaining Listings Through Blog Posts

Posts about homes for sale can be used both to obtain new listings by showing sellers yet one more way I expose their home to more buyers and also to sell current listings by exposing them to more potential buyers, especially if they’re a little different than the typical post about listings such as Lonely Westminster Home Seeks Owner.


Blogging helps to create a knowledge base that can be easily passed along to so many people while allowing me to build an internet presence that creates greater possibilities of exposure for local businesses and even my sellers as the more people who read my blog on a regular basis, the more people there are homes will be exposed to when I blog about them. 


About the author: Christine Donovan is a California Residential Real Estate Broker with experience in assisting clients buy and sell residential real estate.

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