Using Your Blog to Pay it Forward or Backward

Using Your Blog to Pay it Forward or Backward


Do you ever wonder what to write about?

Have you ever gone to an establishment and been blown away by the service or that little something extra?

Don’t you think other people might appreciate knowing about that place?

Do you think they might remember to come back to see what other places and tips you might know about?

Some of my most popular posts have been those about local restaurants and businesses.

 Mama D's Newport Beach

Why is this?  Perhaps because other people need the same services that I do.


Mama D's Newport Beach Kelsi's Capri


I experienced some great customer service today, so expect to see a shout out to this person in the next few days.

The next time you’re amazed at the service you receive, be sure to share it.  You’ll find that others really appreciate it.  Also, remember to ask if your readers can receive a discount. This gives everybody a little something extra.





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