What Do You Do when Your 5 Year Old Gives Your 1 Year Old a Haircut? Go to Cool Cuts Costa Mesa!

What Do You Do when Your 5 Year Old Gives Your 1 Year Old a Haircut? Go to Cool Cuts Costa Mesa!

For months, I’ve been trying to convince my husband it wasn’t time to cut off our 1 year old’s curls.  Then Wednesday, the decision was taken out of my hands.

I came out of my room after a quick shower to discover that my 5 year old agreed with my husband!

He had cut his brother’s hair, but he informed me he did it with the safety scissors and cleaned up after himself – as if that would make it better.  There was a lot of hair in that trashcan.

Before my brother cut my hair

After the shock, and OMG and many other emotions, I took a close look at my little’s one hair.  At first glance, it wasn’t too bad, but on closer inspection, there were chunks missing, and most of the top was cropped short, though he missed the bangs.

After first haircut - hard to see if not in person

All week I’ve been dreading what I was going to have to do.  Today, I took him to Cool Cuts Costa Mesa.  Usually Heather is the one to help up, but she’s on vacation until Tuesday, and I just wanted to get it done.

Cool Cuts Costa Mesa Kids' Haircuts

Fortunately for me, Denise was at Cool Cuts Costa Mesa today, and after I explained the situation, she told me it wasn’t as bad as it could be.  She suggested that rather than completely cutting it to match the shortest pieces that she blend it in and make it “evenly uneven.”  Anything that prevented giving him a buzz cut sounded like a great plan to me.  So she set about cutting off all of those curls with her scissors.

Cool Cuts Costa Mesa Kids' Haircuts

Dylan didn’t care, he was happily watching Baby Einstein and licking a lollipop.  Did I mention that Cool Cuts Costa Mesa is amazing for young kids.  They have toys, video games, movies and even a fire engine or VW Bug to sit in while their hair is being cut?

The kids actually enjoy going and getting their hair cut.  This is so much better than having them squirm on a chair at home while we make some mad attempt at a haircut.

How did the big reveal turn out?  Much better than I was worried it would.  He looks adorable, of course, even with the shorter hair.  Plus, Denise assured me that the curls will grow back and weren’t just baby curls.

So, if your child cuts his hair or a sibling’s, don’t hesitate, pack them up and take them to Cool Cuts Costa Mesa to get the problem solved.

Cool Cuts Costa Mesa is located at 369 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627.  Their number is 949-548-9933.



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