What Do You Know? Bob Stewart and Debe Maxwell are Right!

What Do You Know? Bob Stewart and Debe Maxwell are Right!



I have learned so much here on Active Rain, and one of the most important things I’ve learned is there are some people who seem to always be right.


A few week ago, Bob Stewart had a Localism contest.  He bribed us to write posts about local neighborhoods with 1,000 per post.  While, I am truly excited to obtain 7,000 points, I did this for a much better reason.  I have learned that Bob knows a lot about getting us to the top of hyper local searches. 


Using what I’ve learned from him and from Brad Andersohn, you’ll see in two of the searches below, that I rank very well for two of the posts that I did during the contest.


Newport Terrace


Newport Versailles


While this is all very exciting, the reason I continue to participate in these contests is far more important.  Just a few days after I posted my last post in this contest, I received a call from a buyer who says it’s obvious that I am an expert in the area as I am everywhere on the internet.  Then a few days ago, another call from a potential client.


So, believe me, I’ll be joining in Bob’s next contest.


Perhaps you’re wondering why I mentioned Debe Maxwell.  A few months ago, she strongly suggested that I begin participating more on Trulia answering questions, blogging, etc.


A few days ago, there was a question in my area on Trulia.  In response, I posted a response.  I also used a link to the exact page on my website that lists those particular search results (another suggestion of Bob’s that you link directly to the search results).  The result, this Trulia buyer is now signed up on my website, and is using my site to search for his next home.


What can you learn from this?  Many people here in the Rain are truly knowledgeable, and if you follow their advice, it will increase your business.


So, what are you waiting for??

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