What Does Christmas Mean to You?

What Does Christmas Mean to You?


To me it has always meant:







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(Is anybody sensing a theme : )  ?)

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It’s my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love Christmas.  I love getting ready for it.  I love celebrating it.  I love the time with my family and friends.

These days, Christmas is also about my boys and the delight they take in Christmas, especially the older one who understands more of what Christmas is about.

That has made me think more about what Christmas is truly about?

Is it about the Birth of Jesus?

Is it about family?

Is it about sharing the joys of the season?

Is it about crass commercialism and seeing how much we can consume in a few weeks?


Orange County Christmas

It is this last part that concerns me for my children.  I don’t want Christmas to be all about the toys and what’s in it for me?  Especially in a time when so many people are suffering from job losses, foreclosures and general economic troubles.

To me this is a lesson for all of us to learn that what we have isn’t as important as who we have in our lives, what we do for them and what we do for the community around us.

For years, Christmas money from our family has been donated to groups who purchase livestock for those truly in need so that they may become more self sufficient.  For our larger family, we have done a drawing at Thanksgiving so that each person receives a single present, and we are not buying dozens to add to the “stuff” we already have.

My son and husband and I have had conversations explaining that he should not expect tons of toys this year, that we will be focused on the other aspects of Christmas.  It is not that he won’t have new toys to open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; he will. 

It’s not that I don’t want him to have the joy of the season, it’s simply that I want him to remember that there are joys other than receiving and that Christmas isn’t all about what Santa is bringing.


So, what does Christmas mean to you?  What parts of it are most important to you?



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