What Happens if We Get a Low Ball Offer on Our Costa Mesa Home?

What Happens if We Get a Low Ball Offer

on Our Costa Mesa Home?


So, you’re thinking about selling your Costa Mesa home, and you’ve heard that some of your neighbors have gotten really low ball offers, and now your concerned about what you’ll do if it happens to you.

When I list a Costa Mesa home, I discuss what might happen when we receive an offer, and I always suggest that my Costa Mesa sellers consider every offer they receive no matter how low it is.  This isn’t personal.  The buyers are looking to get the best deal they can, and you’re looking to get as much money for your house as you can.

So, if you get a low ball offer, what should you do?

I suggest you make a counter offer no matter how low the offer might feel, you never know how high the buyers are really willing to go.

I will always counsel you not to say this is it; we won’t go any lower, tell the other agent this is our final offer no matter what!  This sets up a negative attitude, and may cause the buyer to feel more combative.  Instead, make your counter offer, and wait to hear back from the buyers.

What if it’s really low ball? Should you tear it up, stomp on it, ignore it?  I would strongly advise against it!

Are you thinking this couldn’t possibly work?

Recently I helped a client in which the original counter was $100,000 below the listing price.  If the seller had chosen to ignore the offer, they would not have gotten their home sold.  Instead, after numerous counter offers, we finally found a price acceptable to all parties, and closed the deal.

So, even if you get a low ball offer on your Costa Mesa home, respond to it.  You may be surprised.


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