What’s Under Your Kitchen Sink Could Help Sell Your Orange County Home . . . or Not!

What’s Under Your Kitchen Sink Could Help Sell Your Orange County Home . . . or Not!



Planning to sell your Orange County home?  Be sure to take a look under your kitchen sink.  What’s under there may help you to sell your home or make it harder to do so?


What does your kitchen sink have to do with selling your house?


Well, is it crowded, messy, does it look like the one below?  Or is it, well organized showing a sink with lots of lovely space and no sign of leaks?


Under the Sink   Under the Kitchen Sink


If the cabinet under your sink is the opposite of the one above, it will give the impression to a potential buyer of a home with lots of space for storing their stuff which is something most people want in their home. If it’s crowded, musty, etc., this impression can carry through other areas of the house.



The other boost to your home sale that the cabinet under the kitchen sink can provide is the cleaning agents themselves.


Keep Your Home Clean for Showings


For instance, if you take a simple, inexpensive bottle of vinegar, you can use it to scrub the sink, the counters, the tile floors, and make your home smell clean and look shiny and fresh.


Buyers want to buy clean homes.  Many buyers I have viewed homes with have chosen not to buy a home simply because it was dirty, and they couldn’t see past it.


So, if you’re planning to sell your Orange County home, make sure you inspect the area under your sink and let it help you to get your Orange County home sold as quickly as possible for the most money possible.


If your curious about our system to get your Orange County home sold for the most money in the shortest time possible, please give me a call at 714-319-9751.


Looking for some more tips to get your home ready to sell?  See preparing your Orange County home for a buyer or 8 ways to get your Orange County home sold.


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