When is the Right Time for a Costa Mesa Buyer to Find a Real Estate Agent?

When is the Right Time for a Costa Mesa Buyer to Find a Real Estate Agent?

Some Costa Mesa buyers feel that they should not engage a real estate agent until they’re ready to buy a home, which is usually defined by the need to see the inside of homes. I feel this is a mistake.

A Costa Mesa Realtor can help a Costa Mesa buyer in many ways starting early on in the search for the perfect home.

A real estate agent should be able to provide a Costa Mesa buyer with information about different neighborhoods and help a buyer to decide what is important to them when buying their home.

An agent who asks the right questions might help a buyer consider things they hadn’t thought about.

  • What’s important to you about buying a home?
  • Do you need to be near a park?
  • Do the kids need to walk to school?
  • Do you need to be near a freeway?
  • Are certain freeways more crowded going your way to work?
  • Are you looking for particular activities near home?
  • Are you concerned about resale in the near future or do you plan to own for several years?

Regardless of which of these are important to a buyer, these are things about which a good real estate agent can advise a buyer who is in the beginning process of buying by simply knowing the area and/or having access to the information.

In addition, a real estate agent can advise a buyer about the most accurate information about homes for sale.

Though there is a lot of information about homes for sale available on the internet, many prospective buyers will find out that homes are sold, already in escrow or perhaps not even for sale. Some of the sites provide information about homes that are in foreclosure but are not actually for sale. Looking at homes that are not truly available can be a waste of time and very frustrating to buyers.

Costa Mesa buyers may feel that they don’t need a real estate agent until they are ready to see homes, but if they wait until then, they have missed out on the opportunity to use the real estate agent’s knowledge and resources.

A great Costa Mesa Realtor is likely to know about the area and to be a good resource for a Costa Mesa buyer. Additionally, the Realtor may have good referrrals to one or more lenders who can prequalify the buyer so that when the buyer is ready to buy a home, their offer won’t be refused for failure to have a pre-approval.

So when should you find a great Costa Mesa Realtor?

  1. When you want accuate information.
  2. When you want professional advice on the important things to consider when buying a home.
  3. When you want to learn about an area.
  4. When you want to see homes.

If you’re thinking about buying a Costa Mesa home, now is the time to call me and take advantage of the knowledge that comes from living in and around Costa Mesa for decades. Please call me at 714-319-9751.

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