Where Will I Go After I Short Sale? – Costa Mesa Short Sale FAQs

Where Will I Go After I Short Sale?

Costa Mesa Short Sale FAQs

If you are facing a foreclosure or considering a short sale on your Costa Mesa home, you are probably wondering where you will go.

We can help!

Perhaps you already know where you are going.  Perhaps your family has a rental property you can move into or maybe they have space in their own home.  If this is not the case, many potential short sale sellers are concered about what will happen to them and where they will go.

The concerns may be that you don’t have money for security deposits or first month’s rent, or perhaps you have realized that with the credit issues that have arisen during your distress, it may be harder to find a rental.

These are valid concerns, and ones that we have helped other Costa Mesa short sale sellers to overcome.

Many lenders are offering relocation assistance to qualified short sale sellers either through government or proprietary programs.  This can help to pay for security deposits and first month’s rent.

Additionally, we help our short sale sellers by helping them to find the right rental and by “packaging” them for potential landlords to help them overcome any concerns they might have about renting to someone who has had a short sale.

It is important to have someone to help you walk through the process to help to limit some of the stress that can accompany a short sale.

To schedule your free, personal consultation with Christine Donovan to discuss your individual situation and how she might help you, please call her at 714-319-9751.


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