Which is Your Favorite IDX Provider and Website Provider and Why?

I am currently revamping my website, trying to decide where to host it and also which IDX will work best.

I average 800 to 1100 unique visitors to my website each month, with almost no conversion.

In an attempt to fix my conversion, I am revamping my website.  I have decided I need a new provider that will allow me to make changes as I choose rather than having to go through the host to make those changes.

So, any suggestions on website providers would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know your favorite, how long you’ve been using it, the pros and cons, what success you’ve had with it and also which level of service you use, if there are different ones.

Secondly, I’m also ready to find a new IDX provider.  Again, I would greatly appreciate knowing which IDX provider is your favorite and why.  I would like an IDX provider that is as few clicks as possible, easy to use and breaks down the area in ways that are familiar to those of us that live here, rather than randomly as I’ve seen with some IDX systems.

Thank you for your help.  I’m hoping this will all make a big difference in my conversion.



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