Why Are Hyper Local Posts So Important?

Why Are Hyper Local Posts So Important?


There have been discussions that have come up before about why doing hyper local posts is important, especially when Bob incentivizes everybody.


However, it’s said the proof is in the pudding, and I believe we can see the evidence of what hyper local posting does by looking at analytics, phone calls, etc.  I have received many phone calls, emails, leads and clients as a result of writing hyper local posts.


I know that it’s important, and was reminded this again on the 5th of July.  I have done several posts about 4th of July events, and when I reviewed my top 5 posts the day after the Fourth, I discovered that every sinlge one of them was about the Fourth.


Take a look at the graphic below, and the next time you wonder if you should be doing hyper local posts, you’ll realize just how important they are to you and you future clients.


Hyper local 4th of July

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