Why Are the Homes on Trulia Often Not for Sale?

Why Are the Homes on Trulia Often Not for Sale?


Perhaps often is an exaggeration. However, I have received many requests to see homes that are not truly for sale and have seen many questions on Trulia and other sites asking about homes that are not currently for sale.

The problem is that Trulia and some of the other sites include homes that are in the foreclosure process as part of their home feed.  Then potential buyers see homes that often appear to be very well priced and that are not truly for sale at the time.

Trulia Homes

It is then left to the agent to explain why these homes can’t be seen or purchased.  Sometimes the homes have simply begun the process and have a notice of default filed against them, sometimes the foreclosure process has proceeded farther, and they have a notice of trustee sale filed which means a date has been set for a courthouse auction sale.  Occasionally the home in question has actually been foreclosed and is now bank owned.  Whatever the case,  these are not homes that are not readily “showable” at a buyer’s request.

It’s unfortunate that these homes are not more clearly marked as not being “for sale” in the more traditional fashion.  Some of these homes may eventually come on the market, and with others the current owner may find a way to cure the default and keep their home.

If you have a question about whether or not a home you see on Trulia is truly for sale, please give me a call at 714-319-9751.

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