Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Isn’t It Easier When We Cooperate?

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?  Isn’t It Easier When We Cooperate?


This afternoon I had buyers who wanted to write an offer.  I called to let the listing agent know that the offer would be coming and that I would be hard to reach tonight due to Halloween.

I got a message back from the listing agent that she was in the middle of negotiating on another house and that she too had children but looked forward to receiving my offer and putting a deal together tomorrow as she too would be busy tonight.


Her attitude has made me look forward even more to working with her to make this deal work. 


Don’t you find that it is just easier to work with a co-broker who wants to make the transaction easy rather than antagonistic, who understands that we have lives aside from work (I know it’s a strange idea, but it’s true).


If was all treat each other with respect, how much easier is it to do our jobs for our clients and enjoy ourselves too?


Also, don’t you find that it’s easier to work through any difficulties with someone you’d be happy to work with again?


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