Why Would I Attend 3 Rain Camps in 6 Months?

Why Would I Attend 3 Rain Camps in 6 Months?



Since December, I have been to Rain Camps in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles?


And, some seem to wonder why I keep going.  Haven’t I learned everything yet?  I know how to blog don’t I? If you look at my points, maybe it looks like I know lots of stuff and don’t need to learn more.


But, the truth is there’s always more to learn.  When I went to my first Rain Camp, perhaps 30% of the material was new to me.  Was the other 70% of my day wasted?  Hardly!  There were suggestions for refining what I was already doing, tech tools to make it cheaper, easier or free.  To get an idea of what I learned, click on San Francisco above.


Besides that, it gave me the opportunity to network and perhaps best of all, to solidify IRL (in real life) relationships that began online.  Yesterday I actually “met” Jane Peters, Karen Parsons Fiddler and Stewart Penn.


Jane Peters, Stewart Penn,Christine Donovan, Brad Andersohn, Karen Parsons Fiddler


Alright, Christine, so we understand the first one, but why go back again and again?


I don’t know about you, but I don’t always pick up on everything the first time, or perhaps I’m not convicted enough or motivated to actually implement the great ideas the first or the second time.




What did I take away this time?  I really need to get my FaceBook ads set up and running.  I need to check Trulia and Zillow daily for potential leads as well as GeoChirp and DemandSpot.  Will this make a difference in my business, I expect that it will.


Also, my database is almost ready to implement Ben Kinney’s 10 Days of Pain, and I hope for great results from that as well.


Active Rain is an incredible network and incredible library of knowledge, Rain Camp simply brings it to life and gives voices to the faces you see every day online.


If you haven’t been to a Rain Camp yet, my questions is why not?  I strongly recommend a Platinum ticket so that you can hit all of those that occur “near” your area and prepare yourself for an incredible day of learning and networking.




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