Will Real Estate Agents Become Extinct

I believe that as long as we continue to provide value to our clients, we will not become extinct.


some will be do it yourselfers.  Many, as with attorneys for filing or fighting lawsuits or drafting wills, will choose to use professioanls who have succesfully done this many times.


Do sellers really want to make sure that buyers who want to buy are qualified.  Can they understand the differences between pre qual and pre approved, will they know to ask for a DU or if it’s a direct lender.


On a short sale, will they know how to put together the best package that’s most likely to be approved.  Will they want to spend hours on the phone waiting for a negotiator?


Most will buy and sell at most a handful of homes in their lifetime, will they want to chance their most important asset in an attempt to potentially save a few thousand dollars.

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