William Harold Jewelers – Newport Beach Fine Jewelery

William Harold Jewelers  – Newport Beach Fine Jewelery

The first time I went to William Harold Jewelers, I was about 13, and came in withy my mom, and they treated me so well, I couldn’t wait to come back.  It was always a treat to see the beautiful jewelry, try some on and occasionally take a prized piece home.

William Harold Jewelers


William Harold Jewelers was established in Newport Beach in 1969 and is family run.  Though Tim Harold Sr. still does all of the buying, supervises the establishment and is available by appointment, his son, Tim and son-in-law Ben, are often found behind the counters full of beautiful baubles and jewels.

 William Harold Jewelers


About half of the jewelery in William Harold Jewelers is estate jewelry, and they have some amazing pieces.  My sister and I found the perfect ring for my brother to give his wife for their engagement.  She said yes, and now they have triplets.  The ring was an estate piece, uniquely her own, and unlike anything she had ever seen before.  I was fortunate to receive my engagement ring from William Harold Jewelers as well.

When you enter William Harold Jewelers, expect to be greeted warmly and to find a treat for the eyes.  The staff both the family and others who have worked in the store for many years are very knowledgeable and will give you the time necessary to look without every feeling rushed or pushed as you might feel in a larger store.

In need of jewelry repair? William Harold Jewelers has its own goldsmith on staff, another family member, of course.  They also do watch repair.  I just took my ring home after cleaning, polishing and fixing up, and it’s never looked better.

In addition to both estate and new jewelry, they specialize in vintage watches, particularly Cartier and Rolex.  So, if you’re looking for that unique something for that special someone, be sure to stop by and enjoy this fabulous jewelry store.

But let’s not forget my favorite things about William Harold Jewelers.  They have a twice yearly half off sale.  Every July and December, several cases are 50% with much of the other jewelry in the store being up to 30% off.  Twice a year I can’t wait for my appointed rounds at William Harold Jewelers just to see if there might be something that catches my eye.

William Harold Jewelers is located at 3115 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA 92663.  Their phone number is 949-673-0365.

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