You Know You’re Addicted to Active Rain When . . .

You Know You’re Addicted to Active Rain When . . .


  • The avatars of your Active Rain friends are more familiar to you than your office colleagues’ faces.


  • You can’t start your day without your morning dose of Active Rain to go with your first cup of coffee.


  • You would rather search Active Rain for answers to your question than ask your broker.


  • Your spouse considers her/himself an Active Rain widow/er.


 Active Rain


  • You have the Rain Camp schedule memorized (and you’re not AR staff).


  • Your day isn’t complete until you’ve read one or two last posts before bed at night.


  • You can’t remember your best friends’ phone number, but you know your favorite bloggers’ URLs by heart.


  • You know your business just wouldn’t be the same without it.


Are you addicted to Active Rain? What are your symptoms?  Add them in the comments below.

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