Mariner’s Mile

Mariner’s Mile

Newport Beach, CA is well known for it’s piers, beaches, surf, and of course fantastic homes. Many people may not realize though that Newport Beach also features one of the most impressive commercial avenues to be found in Orange County. Known as Mariner’s Mile, it is the stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that runs along the bay between Newport Boulevard and Newport Seabase is home to an amazing array of restaurants, shops, jewelry shops, antique stores, and even high end luxury car and yacht dealers.

mariner's mile

Arriving from Newport Boulevard, you’ll quickly find that there is no shortage of great restaurants for every budget along the harbor/marina side of PCH. You can enjoy Villa Nova, Chart House, Billy’s at the Beach, Rusty Pelican, and Joe’s Crab Shack, all with great views of the harbor. Further along PCH and into Mariner’s Mile you will find a Starbucks, Garlic Jo’s Restaurant and several other restaurants and diners to experience.
If you are in the mood for some more serious shopping, Mariner’s Mile is also the automotive and marine center of Newport Beach, CA. There is a BMW dealership and several boutique auto stores specializing in high end luxury and sports cars. If you have your sea legs, there are boat and yacht dealers along the marina that can help you to live the dream and set sail (or motor) across the waves.
The city of Newport Beach’s long term plan for this section of Pacific Coast Highway is to develop “Mariner’s Village” around the intersection of PCH and Riverside and Tustin Avenues. This is the core of Mariner’s Mile, and the city of Newport Beach plans to reinforce its potential to become the heart of an active, pedestrian oriented retail district. Plans include new streetscape architecture and landscaping to be developed in a manner that will further encourage the use of markets, cafes, and the specialty retail stores that already call Mariner’s Mile home.
Next time you’re in Newport Beach, be sure to stroll through Mariner’s Mile on your way to the beaches. You’re sure to find something that will interest you in this well appointed shopping district.
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