Victoria Elementary – My Little One Starts Kindergarten in 2 Days!

Victoria Elementary – My Little One Starts Kindergarten in 2 Days!

Oops! I probably shouldn’t call him my little one any more.  He’s decided he’s a big boy!  He’s starting kindergarten, and he’s a big brother to a boy who’s almost two.  Oh well, I suppose he’ll always be my baby as I’ve told him before.

I’ve had him in pre-school at Lil’ Lighthouse PreSchool in Costa Mesa for the past 3 years, but this just feels different. It’s real school.

My son’s excited; I’m the nervous one.


It seems like only a few weeks ago that I brought this little boy home from the hospital and only a few days ago that he began talking.  Now, he’s on the first steps to growing up.  I know some of you are probably laughing to yourself.  Some of you with teenagers and adult children telling me I have no idea how fast it can go.  That maybe true, but for me now, these 5 1/2 years have flown by.


I’m not quite ready for him to be a big boy, and I’ve been checking out Victoria Elementary making sure it’s the best place for my little boy.


Victoria Elementary School


Victoria Elementary is a California Distinguished School, a National Blue Ribbon School and a Title 1 Academic Achievement Award Winner.


Victoria Elementary School


The scores say the school is really a good one with Victoria Elementary scoring 25 and 26 percentage points higher in certain grades than the state average on the standardized tests.

I looked into the school more, and everyone I spoke to: teachers, co-workers, parents thought the principal was absolutely phenomenal.  She had really done an amazing job making the school top notch.  Your son is going to a great school I was told over and over again.


Then, I discovered a few weeks ago that she had retired.  Again, flashes of what will the school be like?  I was told that the school runs like clockwork.  The teachers and staff are great.  They are proud of what they’ve accomplished at Victoria Elementary and will continue to do so under the guidance of the new principal, who rumor says is also great.


Let me clarify, I have heard nothing but the very best about Victoria Elementary.  All concerns are simply those of a mom sending her child off to school and wanting the very best for him.


A week ago, we had our meet and greet with two of the teachers to answer parent questions and to give the children a chance to see where they’ll be spending the next 9 months.


We met with Mrs. Peacock, which left my son very definite that he wanted Mrs. Peacock for his teacher.  He also decided, for some reason, that he wanted to be an Early Bird as the kindergarten classes run on two schedules.


Well, Friday we discovered half of his wishes came true.  He’ll be in Mrs. Peacock’s class this year. 


A new backpack today, new clothes, new lunchbox, and my son can’t wait for Tuesday.  For myself, I just hope that he loves it, makes new friends and that I hold it all together ; )


 Stay tuned for my son’s take on the first week of Big Kid School.


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